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Journal of  Hemocue WBC-mätare för att mäta vita blodkroppar. By using the cut off level of 4% for FETCO(2) the sensitivity and specificity of the test to discriminate HVS  av U Smith — För diagnostik bör glukos analyseras med våtkemisk metod (till exempel HemoCue®). insulin sensitivity in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance. Diabetes  Mottagningarnas mätare har varit HemoCue Glucose 201+ i 51 fall, och In addition, a sensitivity analysis, which involved excluding one study at a time  Prospective assessment of the reliability, validity, and sensitivity to change of the Functional Assessment of Cancer P-Glukos HemoCue 201 DM RT 2902-3. Foto. HemoCue Control HGB Low Level f/ Hmc Gluc 201 & HGB 201+ 1.5 . New – Hemoglobin High Sensitivity Colorimetric Detection Kit .

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HemoCue has been reported to be highly sensitive (94%) and specific (95%) with capillary blood when compared with gold standard (cyanmethemoglobin) method. A A single trained staff nurse carried Mean haemoglobin value, using HCS and HemoCue were 11.02 g/dL (CI 10.9-11.2) and 11.07 g/dL (CI 10.9-11.2) respectively. Mean difference between haemoglobin readings was 0.95 g/dL. Sensitivity of HCS was 0.74 (CI 0.65-0.81) and 0.84 (CI 0.8-0.87) whereas specificity was 0.84 (CI:0.51-0.98) and 0.99 (CI:0.97-0.99) using haemoglobin cutoff limits of 10 g/dL and 7 g/dL respectively. 1999-06-01 HemoCue produced a sensitivity of 0% and a specificity of 100% using measured values. If 2.0 mmol were subtracted from all Hemocue values this rose to 81% and 68% and a likelihood ratio of 2.5. be 38.6% and 93.6% respectively, while for HemoCue sensitivity instrument should be used as a screening tool with caution [24].

The mean difference in Hb from paired samples measured by Hemocue and the laboratory analysis ranged from 0.20.35 g/dl (0.7%) Sensitivity 94 91 87 Specificity 82 77 72 Predictive value of a positive result 96 95 94 Predictive value of a negative result 72 61 53 Population mean (±SD): 130 ± 10 g/L (true prevalence of Hb < 120 g/L = 16%) Apparent prevalence of Hb < 120 g/L 18 20 22 Sensitivity 80 75 72 The HemoCue is a portable machine which directly measures Hb from an undiluted blood sample [ 8] and background turbidity of the samples are corrected due to the measurement of two-wave lengths [ 15 ]. This method is quicker (60 seconds), simple to operate thus making it faster with a shorter turn-around time.

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whether the sample is taken from a capillary or vein) [15–17]. The HemoCue (HemoCue B-Hemoglobin, HemoCue AB, Wetzikon, Switzerland) and the i-STAT (i-STAT-1, Abbott AG, Baar, Switzerland) devices represent two modern techniques for bedside measurement of blood haemoglobin (Hb) content.

Hemocue sensitivity

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Hemocue sensitivity

How-ever, the sensitivity was 100% in the three women with In previous studies [ 17, 18, 19, 23, 24 ], the sensitivity of anemia diagnoses based on capillary blood analyses with HemoCue ranged from 56% to 95%, and the specificity of these diagnoses ranged from 93% to 97%, respectively, when compared with diagnoses based on cyanmethohemoglobin spectrophotometry (reference) methods. 2020-05-26 HemoCue provides lower precision than that of automated analyzers, and its precision also varies by sample type (i.e. whether the sample is taken from a capillary or vein) [15–17]. HemoCue is proud to be the U.S. distributor for Beckman Coulter's StatSpin® line of compact centrifuges. Designed to increase productivity and decrease time to result, the StatSpin® Centrifugation Solutions enable safe and efficient sample preparation – allowing you to meet rapid test turnaround requirements without major investments in equipment or disruptions to your laboratory routine.

Hemocue sensitivity

The mean difference in Hb from paired samples ranged from 0.2- 0.35 g/dl (0.7%).
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Hemocue sensitivity

2.4. Ethical Approval.

The new point-of- care assay will have >85% sensitivity and specificity for diagnosing severe anemia  För att mata in data i HemoCue WBC DIFF – använd barcode scanner eller ett externt The NLCR cut-off value of 6.2 exhibited a sensitivity value of 0.91 and a  Comparative analysis between our device and the HemoCue method showed an excellent The broad linear range, fast response and detection sensitivity are  HemoCue® WBC DIFF System - den första 5-part Diff räknaren för primärvården And The NLCR cut-off value of 6.2 exhibited a sensitivity value of 0.91 and a  Plasma glucose values were obtained at 5-min intervals with a HemoCue (R) Sensor sensitivity was slightly decreased (P<0.05) during hypobaric but not  32 Flaggning Flagging There were no significant differences between the HemoCue WBC Diff and the XE2100 for specificity (p=0.067) and the sensitivity  glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency and a HemoCue® detecting G6PD activity Endpoints - Sensitivity and specificity of SD Biosensor  Comparing Laboratory Blood Glucose Results With HemoCue Glucose 201 RT Insulin Sensitivity and Metabolomics During Oral Administration of Glucose  NACB and IFCC for a high sensitive Troponin I method K, Giglio J, devarajan P, Barasch J .
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MM African Technology - Företagstjänst - Johannesburg - 1 348

Conclusion: The Hemocue is comparable to usual laboratory methods for determination of Hb level in children.