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And with the notoriety came the money. 2. In 1951, Onassis added to his notoriety. 3.

The notoriety of violence in the downtown area keeps many tourists from visiting that part of the city. .

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responsibility, liability. ansvar. “The road and the land around it have gained notoriety over the years as He pled guilty to five of the murders and received two life sentences,  Else Kleen's synonym Gwen quickly gained notoriety.

Notoriety in a sentence

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Notoriety in a sentence

Emily Thorne Quote: “For the average person leading an picture. Pin on English Songs Activities. Meaning of NOTORIETY in a Sentence - Words In Sentences  Dancing Matt first received his notoriety dancing on a home video created for friends and family as he traveled abroad. 0.

Notoriety in a sentence

If who (or what) you’re describing is scandalous, evil, or has some otherwise seriously negative baggage, both infamous and notorious can work.
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Notoriety in a sentence

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Snapped. Similar meaning words · Fame · Notoriety · Mutual synonyms · Related pairs · How words are described · Both words in one sentence. Meaning and definitions of notoriety, translation in Somali language for notoriety with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of notoriety in  16 Mar 2014 Writing, sentence structure, revision.
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Wiki User Answered 2012-05-31 11:49:50. ‘His fear of notoriety and censure may have exercised a good check on his behaviour but it doesn't essentially change anything.’ ‘The obese relative had earned notoriety for his aversion to exercise before death consumed him.’ ‘You have a lot of people that come forward that want the fame and the infamy of the notoriety.’ Example sentences from Collins dictionariesChristian Lacroix, who gained notoriety as one of Paris's most flamboyant dress designers in the 1980s. He achieved notoriety as chief counsel to President Nixon in the Watergate break-in. His abrasive manner has won him an unenviable notoriety. notoriety translate: 臭名昭著,声名狼藉.